The Wannabees began in 2003 as a small Bible Study group of people who wanted to study the Word and strive to be like Jesus (Wanna be like Jesus).  We have helped families who lost their homes caused by fire or families with other hardships by giving them food, clothing and furniture.    We deliver at least twelve large mission baskets of food and other items every year to people in our area.  We have given to many other local organizations that are helping others.  Since 2009 our main focus has been the orphans and elderly in Jamaica. 

Westhaven Children’s Home has  75 mentally and physically challenged children and young adults.  We assist the staff with feeding, bathing, laundry and activities.  We donated an office desk, a weed eater, clothing and many items for essential needs.

Garland Children’s Home houses approximately 25 children ages 8-18.  Our main goal is to love the children by having devotions, doing craft activities and field trips with them.  The highlight for them is the pool party we have with each group.   We provided surgery for a 10 year old girl with cerebral palsy, added a bathroom for the girls, built a tool shed, and completely gutted, added onto and remodeled their kitchen.

Heart of Gold Nursing Home was our "big project" of 2017. We typically have one “big project” each summer. During June and July of 2017, we helped Terry Ann and the Heart of Gold nursing home remodel the new house Terry Anne bought, so that the residents could move in at the end of the summer. We started with a team down in February reconstructing walls, laying floor tile, putting in kitchen cabinets, etc. In June and July, our teams finished the job by painting all the rooms and moving in all the furniture. We were all blessed to be touched by Terry Anne and her residents and loved making her dream come true!

Sweet Harmony is another elderly home that the Wannabees teams visit during our mission trips. It is located in Mount Salem, just across the street from Heart of Gold. Our teams spend time at sweet harmony visiting with residents, singing worship praises, and occasionally sharing snacks!

 The Wannabees do not have any paid employees;   100% of your donations are used for the people and/or supplies for them.  The Wannabees are a non-profit 501-C3 Organization so your donations to the Wannabees are tax deductible and ARE SO MUCH APPRECIATED.


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